Moruya Sewage Pump Station and Reticulation

This project recently completed by TWS consisted of the construction of a new sewage pump station, complete with two electric submersible pumps, detention tank, valves and pit, flow meter and pit, electrical switchboard, cabinet and supporting platform, and was supported by the construction of about 680m of 140mm diameter HDPE Class 16 Sewer Rising Main and about 995m of 150 and 225mm diameter uPVC Gravity Sewer, including 23 manholes. The objectives of the project were to reduce public health and environmental risks to the community due to inaccessible sewer pipeline under Moruya Hospital and provide the new West Moruya residential development area to new gravity sewer.

The TWS team were faced with several challenges, working along side a busy public hospital, maintaining clear 24 hour access to the hospital, the Moruya River flood warning where 125mm of rain fell in 24 hours early January 2016, as well as having to deal with granite found during excavation. This area of Moruya, once known as Granite Town (1924-1932) was where the contractors who built Sydney Harbour Bridge had their quarry workers and stone masons working and living finding the required granite to produce the granite facing stones for the pylons and approaches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (the largest and most imaginative civil works project ever attempted in Australia!)

Project Details