About TWSe

Company Profile

proj_clarenceTWSe is committed to providing high quality and professional services in civil infrastructure projects ranging in sewer, water and reuse. The TWSe Team delivers these services both professionally and efficiently through design, selection, completion on time, to specification and operating correctly. TWSe takes pride in technical achievement and industry best practice.

At TWSe, quality is all about what the client expects. To meet and exceed those expectations, we apply the professional service, workmanship, expertise and management standards with an approachable, dynamic and flexible culture that adapts to the individual clients and projects.

Our capabilities include:

Pumps & Pipelines

Pumps, Pumping Station, submersible pumps,Pipelines, pipes, rising main, valves, irrigation, HDPE, DICL, STP Fittings

Water Treatment

Filtration, water treatment, sewage, effluent, reuse, gravity sewer, sewerage, aeration, sewer, odour control, leachate treatment, Water Treatment Plants

Public Sector

Public Utilities and Public Sector Related Services

Electrical Systems

Electrical control, Electrical switchboard, Electrical Systems and Lighting and Components and Accessories and Supplies. (In -house)